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We have seven teams working together in the same building. This is good for you because it means we can provide all the services you need and you only need to communicate with one person. This makes everything easier for everyone!

Calamity Services

Bad things can happen such as fires, floods, explosions or when someone breaks in. We will be there to help at any time, day or night.

Cleaning Services

HLS Group Services provide cleaning services to keep every environment neat and tidy day and night. A clean environment can make someone happy.

Environmental Technology

Asbestos is dangerous but don’t worry, an experienced professional can help you. They will handle everything, like making lists, registering with authorities, and cleaning up the problem.

Facility Management

If you need a facility manager, want to measure your organization’s market conformity, or need help with facility management, HLS Group Management can assist you.

Specialist Cleaning

Do you need help cleaning your building? We can clean your roof, glass, porch, floor, sanitary facilities, or commercial kitchen. We will make your building look new again, both inside and outside.

Clear-out service

Do you need help moving out of a room, house or commercial property in a hurry? Our delivery service can help and usually delivers within a day!


Do you need help with the locks for your building? We can change, fix or give advice about your locks. We will make your building safe both inside and outside.

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